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My name is Evelyn Marinoff. I am a blogger, a social introvert, a passionate reader, a world traveler, a mother of a beautiful baby boy, a runner, and a devoted psychology research enthusiast. I also have an MBA and currently work in client consulting.

I started this blog driven by my life-long battle with low self-esteem. After years of suffering and looking for ways to boost my confidence, I have come to realize that low self-respect is an enemy to our individual development and progress. It is the problem behind many of our other significant problems. It impedes everything that we strive for. It casts a dark shadow over our future. Over time, it has the power to kill all our dreams.

Low self-esteem is merely a new topic in psychology and yet—it is still ever-evolving. What we have believed to be true about self-worth 10 years ago may not be quite relevant today. Over the years, I have spent a great time reviewing the latest research in psychology and science. And although scientists can’t quite settle on the exact benefits, or lack of them thereof, of high vs low self-assurance, they do agree that confidence is not only a desirable trait but is also often needed and necessary—so we can lead more fulfilling lives, be mentally and physically healthy, and generally feel good about our place in the world.

An interesting piece of research, which can give hope to all the sceptics—that we can change (although slowly) how we think and view ourselves—have found that hereditability of self-esteem is between 29% and 40%, while the remaining impact is due to external, environmental factors. This fact means that we have the potential to influence up to 60% of our fate. In terms of probabilities, this are pretty darn good odds at success.

I have tested many of the new and old theories myself –to find a way to overcome my own hurdles. I am hoping to pass on to readers some of my discoveries regarding confidence, motivation and happiness.

This blog aims to offer you the best of two worlds- a blend of real-life experiences, and the science and psychological studies behind the actions we need to take to build our confidence. And I hope that my blog will help you find your own voice in the crowd.

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