Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find it interesting and helpful in discovering insight into significant matters, such as building confidence, reaching happiness and motivation. Simply put–this blog is all about finding our voice in the crowd and making it be heard through the noise of the world.

Why is it so important, you may ask?

Have you ever looked at people—acquaintances, co-workers or famous people, and wondered—why are they so successful and I am not? What traits do they have that I don’t? What have they done to deserve it all? Is it luck? Or something else? And if so—what is it? What can I do to get there—on the other side—where the grass is greener and the sun is warmer?

Many of us sub-consciously ask themselves these questions every day. Plenty of people are very unsatisfied with their lives but are unsure of the steps that would lead them to the success they desire. We all have heard many times before that others are thriving in their personal and professional lives because of their personality, intelligence, skills, etc. That may be true but all of these things would not matter if they lacked the belief in their abilities and others could see that they were weak. No matter how smart/ beautiful/ intelligent/ rich you are born, it is not enough to achieve and maintain success if you don’t possess a small thing called “self-esteem.” Why?—because this is the link to all your future successes and aspirations.

Many theories teach us that everything we do starts with setting goals and striving to reach them. Progress is identified as a succession of goal completions. This is not quite true. Setting goals, in fact, only comes secondary to building the right confidence first. Without the proper mindset that we can actually make our dreams a reality, we will be set to fail, no matter how many aspirations we may have. It is surprising how many people think about how to make more money, about the next job, about the promotion. They become stressed out when things don’t go as planned and blame fate, luck or other factors for their misfortunes. And when asked, they would say that the level of their self-esteem is just great (thanks for asking, though!).

Few make the direct  connection between confidence, and personal and professional success. This fact has always amazed me. In such individuals’ defense, though, the correlation between self-esteem and success is not always an obvious one.  Lack of confidence is one of these “silent deceases” that works in the background of our minds. It erodes the quality of our lives slowly and persistently. We often don’t even realize how much our behaviors and life outcomes are dictated by our sense of self-worth. In reality, low confidence is the origin of many of our misfortunes and is often the main determinant of our success at work, in relationships and friendships as well.

A final point to understand is that the outcome of boosting our self-esteem is not to learn how to look down on people and feel superior. The whole process is merely a journey toward the affirmation of where we stand in life, what we stand for, and where we want to go. It is that simple. Our minds can be our greatest friends or worst enemies when it comes to shaping this awareness. The silver lining is that lifting one’s confidence is not a task reserved only for the therapists. We don’t need others to tell us how much we are worth. We have all the motivation, the desire and the tools we will ever need—within our minds— to initiate our own journey toward finding our voice in the crowd.

A change toward a healthier mindset is a very attainable goal for everyone. The only thing you need  to begin your journey now is the belief that you are worth every second of the life you are building for yourself. And this thought should become your main stimulus to search for the happiness you deserve.

And with the right confidence, our childish dreams of what we wanted to become or achieve when we grew up might not seem so far-fetched after all.



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